Membership Renewals are due
and payable no later than
December 31st.

If you would like to renew you membership with a
Credit Card and are unable to locate your Invoice,
contact the Club Secretary:

Danny Breen slsaboard@gmail.com

If you prefer to pay for your renewal by personal check,
you can download the 2020 Membership Renewal form.
Download Print Mail

It has been brought to my attention by more than 2 members
that they have received an invoice for the wrong amount.

*Some Seniors have been invoiced at Regular rates.
*Some members did not receive all of their work party credits.*

If your Renewal Invoice is incorrect,
please respond to the Renewal email or email me directly
and I will make the proper adjustment.


Danny Breen slsaboard@gmail.com

Keep an eye on your inbox ...

Membership Renewals were emailed on November 12th.

Your email will look just like this.

After you open your email:
Click on the "View and Pay Invoice" button.
This will take you to your PayPal Invoice.

For instructions on how to renew your membership with PayPal using
a Credit Card please open the "READ ME!" file first.

You also have the option to pay by Check or Cash.
If you prefer to renew your Membership with your personal check,
please open, download and print the "2020 Membership Renewal" file
and mail it in with your payment.

You can also pay with Cash by putting it in an envelope with
your 2020 Membership Renewal form,
and drop it in the Info Box at the clubhouse.

For Additional Information Contact the Club Secretary
Danny Breen