Welcome to the Black Powder page

we shoot on the first Sunday of the month

November results:
Rifle- 1st Len Ward
2nd Gary Babcock

3rd Gary Grabowsky

Pistol- 1st Gary Babcock
2nd Gary Grabowsky

3rd Kirk Peterson


2016 Rendezvous results;  Tomahawk Trailwalk--1st-Bob Krien,   Smoothbore rifle and pistol--1st-Kirk Peterson,  Old Coot--1st-Tony Galvon,  Cartridge Rifle--1st-Len Ward,  Flintlock Rifle--1st-Bad Gary Babcock, Revolver--1st-Len Ward, Pistol--Ron Prescott,  Rifle trailwalk--Bob Krien,  Rifle paper--Ron Prescott,  top ten aggregate--1st-Ron Prescott,  2nd-Len Ward,  3rd-Bob Krien,  4th-Good Gary Grabowsky,  5th-Bad Gary Babcock,  6th-John Texeira,  7th-Dave Boal,  8th-Tony Galvon,  9th-Shane Brennan[a Junior],  10th-Frank Luenser, Women 1st-Dawn Lewallen




Black Powder shoots are on the first Sunday of the month starting at 9:00 am.
We shoot long rifles and pistols.