Turkey Shoot!

Sunday, Dec. 21

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Kim Rhode at the club Dec. 6!


Santa Lucia Sportsmen’s Association
10400 Santa Clara Road
P.O. Box 1077
Atascadero, California 93423
(805) 466-9995


2014 Board of Directors 

President- Keith Baker
Vice-President- Joe Franzone
Executive Officer-
Secretary- John Silva
Treasurer- Linda Lee
Trap Director- 
Skeet Director-
Rifle & Pistol Director- Frank Murphy
Junior Rifle Director- Jay DeCou
Butch Phillips
Ken Weaver

Saturday December 20th 9:00 am   



The Junior Shotgun Programs first session will start on the first Thursday in February. The cost per session is $35 per child or $70 maximum per family. Cost includes targets and shells. The program is sponsored in part by the National Rifle Association. Contact Keith Baker at 441-8077 for further information

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The purpose of the Santa Lucia Sportsmen's Association is to educate the general public to the importance of fish and wildlife conservation and to solicit their cooperation in any program undertaken to do so.   We promote and assist the public and law enforcement with a safe area for training and competition and recommend and support development of junior shooting programs.  We promote gun safety as well as sport and target shooting.

We encourage goodwill and cooperation of land owners, farmers and ranchers in conservation and development of natural cover and preservation of game and to cultivate a better program of land posting against hunting and fishing.

The Associaiton supports legislation for maintaining  Second Amendment rights and the development of fish and game resources.  We support programs to develop the game of this area and the entire state.

Attention all Members!

This notice is a reminder to all members that firearm and range safety needs to be your top priority whenever you are on-site at the Club property.  This applies to users of all ranges, including rifle, pistol, trap, skeet and archery. All safe weapons handling rules are strictly enforced to prevent injury to all members, guests and to prevent damage to club and personal property.

This requires that all shooters handle their weapons safely, loading only at the appropriate time, and paying attention to what is happening around them, on adjacent or nearby ranges, in open areas along the hillsides and other activities that are being conducted by members, neighbors, maintenance workers and law enforcement personnel.   The berms around the ranges are intended to help minimize and reduce safety hazards and risks, but cannot be taken as a substitute for common sense and strict adherence to the safety rules.

If you see anyone violating these rules, please take detailed notes with as much information as possible and report to the Board. If an emergency or hazardous condition exists that you are not able to safely correct, contact a Board Member at the phone numbers listed on the gate. The SLSA has maintained an excellent safety record and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure it continues.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) made a video on ‘Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette’.  We encourage all members to take a look at the video.  Remember, firearms safety depends on you.